Mila Kunis Nose Job Before and After

There have been many people who thought the difference in the face of Mila Kunis' especially in the nose ... Many people ask: "What Mila Kunis had a nose job"

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar Mila Kunis and when asked if he'd ever get plastic surgery she replied "no" ... Just for now.

"I would not put needles in my body unless I have a medical excuse," says Mila Kunis on plastic surgery rumors, "But ask me in 10 years now, I'm like:." I will embrace the (aging), "but ... I'd probably want to have something that I do not hesitate .."

"People have the interpretation of what you're supposed to be like," Mila was quoted as saying. "If you are interesting and are overweight, you need to have a great personality If you are interesting, then you do not have to be the nicest person .. People are always surprised that I was relaxed but not necessarily stupid."

On the other hand, Mila is willing to change his appearance for the role, though, dedication evident in her physical transformation for his breakout part in "Black Swan". In fact, Kunis notes that his body "has not been the same" since then. "My shape is different," I Mila. "When I was down to 95 kg, my muscles, like a small brick house, but skin and bones. When I get back, he went into areas that are completely different ... All the weight of the left breast i went to my side hip, my stomach. "

There are some photos that prove.

Viewing pictures before and after it is clear that he has a nose properly implemented in order to thin out the bridge of his nose. Mila more rounded nose before. Now the nose fits in perfect harmony with the rest of her stunning features.

then what do you think? Is Mila Kunis had a nose job?


  1. You people are on drugs. It is NOT evident that she has had a nose job and I do not believe that she has. You aren't even comparing photos shot from the same angle or distance. Focus on something positive for a change of pace.

  2. I am considering nose reshaping surgery and was just wondering if someone here would be able to give me any advice. I’m 24 and have been thinking about it for a few years now but not sure where to go. I have read lots of different discussions and worried about where to get it done. I would appreciate any advice.

  3. No one can deny that most of the celebrities are applying nose plastic surgery to look trendy, Mila Kunis one of them. Nice post.

  4. Now I have a beautiful nose with the help of Nose Reshaping treatment. It helps in enhancing my personality.


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